Welcome to 102.7 WYSB!

You’re probably looking for the radio station located in Kentucky. However, as you can see, the site has changed. The site is now more of a memorial to 1027 WYSB. We hope you enjoy it!

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1027 WYSB was a country music station located in Lebanon, Kentucky. They played country music and had some of the biggest names in the business on the airwaves. They saw their fair share of artists rise and fall, including one hit wonders. If you’re from the south, you know how big of a deal country music is and 1027 WYSB filled that gap for Lebanon.

They also had a plethora of on air personalities. In radio, you have to have good people with good entertainment to keep fans engaged and 1027 WYSB was no different. With jockeys such as Chuck D, Cathy Taylor, Giff Gifford, Steve Hamilton, and more…1027 WYSB kept Lebanon, Kentucky entertained.

They also had a very big presence in the local community. Covering news, sports and even local obituaries, 1027 WYSB provided a valuable community service that won’t soon be forgotten.

Like any good radio station they also held contests. Who doesn’t like free stuff, right?

They also had a section called “Audio on Demand”. This featured sound bites with famous individuals such as Jillian Michaels of The Biggest Loser and even CEO Shawn Boyer on how to snag a job. “Audio on Demand” is one of the better indications of just how awesome 1027 WYSB was. Able to grab big time interviews with popular people and provide a community service at the same time.

Finally, they also had some pretty cool resources on the site as well. If you clicked on their “Links” section you would see resources on a number of different topics.

For instance, one of the more popular ones was “Home Improvement”. They featured resources on there such as how to grow small gardens from start to finish. These gardens required hardly any care at all and looked absolutely beautiful. They also had a link to a plant finder that would help you find the right fit between plants and your garden area. They also had monthly gardening tips where you could get the latest tips from top gardening pros on how to dish up your garden and make it look like the best in the neighborhood. Not to be overlooked, they also provided complete gardening plans. In fact, they had a link to 12 new garden plans that homeowners could check out and use. If you were a romantic, they had a link to a guide that showed you how to grow bouquet quality flowers in your garden so that you could have fresh flowers for your sweetheart whenever you wanted. Finally, they provided a resource that every gardener desperately needs: a guide to saving money while gardening!

What about the other links? Well, they had links lined up for finances and financial news such as making your money work for you and how to protect yourself from identity theft. How to manage your marriage and money and also keeping a family budget. How to pay off your debt quicker as well as how to get back in school and prepare your kids for school.

Not to be out done, there are also tips on decorating, travel, entertainment and even a link for the Nelson County Little League.

These links were a valuable resource and it’s a shame they’re no longer around.

These are just a few things that 1027 WYSB brought to the airwaves. They were a great radio station. Thank you for visiting the page and reliving some memories with us!